Last changed: 12-23-2008

Preview of SOD2 available!

After a long development cycle SOD2 is considered to be mature enough for public review. The lastest beta version is available from the download page.

New in SOD2

  • performance for large database greatly improved
  • greatly improved query execution engine
  • improved logging and recovery
  • object level concurrency
  • administration toolkit
  • C# language binding
  • greatly improved ODL support
  • steal strategy for Java and C#
  • literal complex data types
  • improved OQL support
  • cost based query optimization


Since the ODMG did not release a API for C#, the preliminary C# API for the upcoming SOD2 was build after the Java API. Send comments or bug reports to

About SOD2

SOD2 is a fast object-oriented database providing Java, C++ and C# language binding. SOD2 provides full ACID support and allows database access with or without a dedicated database server.

Some features

  • full ACID transaction and recovery support
  • ODMG 3 C++ and Java language binding, C# language binding similar to the standard Java binding
  • query language OQL (under development)
  • language independent access. The data is accessible from C++, Java and C# without change
  • the database size is not limit by available memory (more than 4GB are possible)
  • portable, available for multiple platforms


Basically SOD2 is free for personal use but requires a license for commercial use. More detail can be found in the license section.